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The UJA presents a “pioneering, ambitious and unique” program of transversal complementary training courses

  • The Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Continuing Education at the University of Jaén, Juan Manuel Rosas, presented on Wednesday the offer of transversal complementary training courses, grouped in the “pioneer, ambitious and singular” program called ‘FoCo Generación UJA ‘
Presentación del programa

It is a tool that ensures that all students of the Jiennense institution have the opportunity to achieve this comprehensive training, “through complementary training and cross-sectional training, which becomes the hallmark of our Generation UJA ” The deadline for submitting applications ends on October 25.

Rosas, who has been accompanied by the vice-rector of Students, María Luisa del Moral, and the director of the Secretariat for Personal Education, José Manuel Castro,

has explained that this program is structured at two levels and with two types of complementary training.

In particular, the transversal complementary training in skills and abilities essential for professional and personal growth (aimed at all students of the UJA) and the specific complementary training for the degree or group of degrees, which combined with undergraduate and graduate training . As he has added, all this will favor his later incorporation into the labor market which, as you know, is a strategic objective that can not be waived by the UJA.

This initiative, which aims to become a “hallmark” of the UJA, seeks to reach the 16,000 students of the UJA, throughout their training period. “We have not found any Spanish university with a program of these characteristics, so we have designed it from scratch, those who sit at this table, with the invaluable collaboration of centers and vice-rectorships, and with the personal involvement of the rector himself, which can give an account of the importance that this program has for the University of Jaén “, he highlighted.

In this sense, he has valued that it constitutes “an original program, made in Jaén” about which he has said he has “no doubt that they will end up copying other universities as soon as they see it working”. The vice-rector of Students has also had an impact on the responsibility of endowing students with comprehensive training and this is a “very important” bet that differentiates “the UJA, since its students will go out to the labor market with training” and with a backpack, which will differentiate you from the rest “, with the competition that is being offered to you.


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The courses are designed to be taught between 200 and 300 students each. These have 1.5 credits (37.5 hours of student work), are blended and free.

The program is presented with 16 courses that will be gradually implemented and will be repeated year after year, with a permanent revision and replacing, transforming or complementing them, to adapt them to the needs and demands of the students. They will be taught at the two campuses of the University of Jaén, structuring their distribution according to demand.

‘FoCo Generación UJA’ begins this semester with four courses that are already underway, in fact, the registration period is open through the website and ends next October 25. During the second semester will be implemented between four and six more, bringing the program to full operation, with the 16 courses underway, in the first semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.

To these we must add the cross-training in employability and entrepreneurship offered by the Vice-rectorate for Relations with Society and Labor Insertion or those oriented to cultural extension, volunteering offered by the Vice-Chancellorship for the Projection of Culture, Sports and Responsibility Social, and those of student representation that are offered from the Vice-rectorate of Students, among others.

“Thus, only with the transversal complementary training program that we present today we will be able to give an annual training in these competences to a number of between 3,000 and 6,000 students, putting us as objective that they can reach at least five credits of complementary training in the four-eight years to stay with us, depending on whether they interrupt their training after the degree or extend it until completing the doctorate, “he said.

The teaching staff of these courses is made up of the UJA’s own professionals, many of them with experience in this training from the pilot program that the Vice-Rectorate of Students tried with great success last year, complemented by external experts from the world’s top level academic and professional that will help to convey the need and importance of this training for students.


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In the first semester (November-December 2017) courses will be given on the application of emotional intelligence in the workplace, preparation of a curriculum vitae “, written expression techniques and ethics and safety on the Internet.

In the second semester (February-May 2018 and first semester 2018-19) will develop courses on job interview, motivation, leadership and conflict management and negotiation, oratory, “human rights and its political, legal, social and labor dimension” , environmental sustainability and Equality.

In addition, courses on teamwork, organization of autonomous learning, study techniques, preparation of end-of-course papers, reports or articles, preparation of a public intervention and effective management of time and information have yet to be assigned.