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Wonga is the reference company in fast loans at European level. You have been granting small loans since 2007 and now you can request an interest-free mini-loan if you pay it in the first 15 days. With Wonga it is possible to get up to 700 euros to use what you want , with total confidentiality and without paperwork. In addition, the deadline is 60 days, double the time of the competition.


Benefits Free: First free credit No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Do not Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 1 day Deadline: 2 months Minimum loan: € 50 Maximum loan: € 700

Additional information on Wonga

Image result for wonga Wonga is the largest fast-track company in the United Kingdom. The subsidiary of Wonga Spain grants loans of up to € 700 to 60 days (the first loan of up to € 300 is free if you return it in the first 15 days). In addition to the possibility of getting the first credit, Wonga allows you to return the money in 60 days, twice as long as your competition.

Wonga is characterized by an automated quality and secure service that examines each request as quickly as possible and evaluates in the shortest possible time the feasibility or not of the requested loan. When you finish filling out the application you know if they lend you the money, without waiting.

The lender has a system of levels or ratings that allow good customers to access advantages and discounts. Although the maximum amount of money to request is 700 € , in the first credit it will only be possible to obtain up to 300 euros (and if you return it in 15 days they will not charge you any expense). As we go back and ask for new mini-loans, the limit will increase, in addition to getting discounts on expenses of up to 40% .

Also, with Wonga you will have flexibility when it comes to returning the money . From your user area you can postpone your payment date if you see that you will not be able to return the capital on the deadline, or advance the payment. Paying ahead of time you will not have to pay expenses for the remaining days, since with Wonga you only pay for the days you have had the money.

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How to apply for a loan in Wonga

How to apply for a loan in Wonga

Wonga grants quick credits through the Internet, so the first step is to access the wonga.es website and select the amount and the term. If it is your first credit in Wonga, the total cost of the loan if you return it in 15 days is free. The next step is to click on the “request” button that appears in the lower right to fill in your personal and contact information.

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If you want to get money urgently to buy something necessary and you do not have liquidity, with Wonga quick credits you can have up to 700 euros in a few minutes thanks to its automated system that accelerates the concession process. Request your money by filling out the application form that you will find on their website.

Main advantages of money instantly Wonga

Wonga is the financial company that invests the most in technology and that allows a machine to process and accept requests for money, with this technology is able to respond to requests in just 10 minutes at any time, even at dawn or on holidays. You can get the urgent money you need at any time and from any place since the concession does not depend on office hours.

Another advantage, and that differentiates it from other companies, is that the return period is up to 60 days, just twice as long as your competition.

As you can see, money can be obtained easily and practically anyone can access it . The confidentiality and security of your data are guaranteed throughout the process and the money obtained can be used for whatever you want, without having to justify the use that is going to be given. In addition, if you see that you will have difficulties to repay your loan, they offer you the possibility of requesting an extension of up to 30 days. And if this is not enough, his motto “we can always find a flexible solution” guarantees a security that other companies may not know how to give you.

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