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  • Credit for new kitchen request by home builders

    A loan for the kitchen is not only requested by home builders. The renovation of the kitchen, the necessary replacement of outdated devices, is currently on the agenda in many households. Of course, nobody wants to process piecemeal in the kitchen. Everything should look neat and fit together. A mixer, maybe even the refrigerator, could […]

  • Home Loan – Cheap Loans in Credit Comparison.

    Home loan is just one of many names for mortgage lending. Construction loan, home loan, all means the same thing: taking a loan to buy or build a property. Many Germans unites the goal of their own home. But not infrequently, the dream fails of its own four walls, because the financial aspects were not […]

  • 10000 USD credit in the credit comparison

      10000 USD loan is to be applied If a 10000 USD loan is to be applied for, it is always worth doing research in advance in the internet. The interest rates of the banks can vary to a considerable degree and with a 10000 USD credit already make a few percentage points in the […]

  • How does the Postindentes procedure work?

    The Postindentes process is currently the only truly successful method for unambiguously identifying people from the Internet. Such age and identification can be important if financial transactions are handled via the Internet. If you apply for a loan online, open an account or take out insurance, you must go through the Postindentes procedure. We explain […]

  • That changes in the company pensions from 2018 – favorable credit comparison

      The Occupational Pensions Strengthening Act is on the way, with effect from 1 January 2018, this layer of pensions will undergo significant changes. 60 percent of all employees already benefit from occupational pensions, whether through employer benefits or through salary conversion. There are currently five ways to go: pension Fund provident fund pension funds […]

  • 5000 USD credit in the credit comparison

     Apply for a 5000 USD loan If you would like to apply for a 5000 USD loan, you have the chance to do so at the best conditions. The 5000 USD credit can then be freely used at will for your own purposes. When borrowing, however, the purpose for the bank must be mentioned in […]

  • The Home Saving Era is Over

    The news exploded quite quickly, in about a day and a half, and the decision-making process for the state to stop supporting the LTPs had already begun.   Instead of reducing support, it has become different On the afternoon of October 15, the first news of the announcement of the termination of the LTP came […]