The Home Saving Era is Over

The news exploded quite quickly, in about a day and a half, and the decision-making process for the state to stop supporting the LTPs had already begun.


Instead of reducing support, it has become different

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On the afternoon of October 15, the first news of the announcement of the termination of the LTP came to Parliament. The justification is that the amount that can be collected in apartment savings is not really suitable for buying real estate, and many have spent hundreds of thousands or a few million on a pool, sauna. Although the interesting question is why now and why decision-makers have become so suddenly aware that this form of home delivery is not sufficiently effective, it is likely that LTP’s 30 percent state subsidy will end.

Many people agree with the above view, as more and more people who have clearly used the maximum family contract have entered into a home savings contract. It was simply too favorable – unprecedented in Europe.

The rumors that the state wants to change, for example, the amount of state aid added to paid-in money would fall to 20 percent, have been spreading for nearly a year. Already at the end of September, we wrote on the blog that it is worth signing up as soon as possible before the changes take effect.


Many would take the last chance

housing market

What is certain is that the President of the Republic has 5 days to sign the law, so Wednesday may be the last day to open LTP.

It is also possible that they stop the process, as well as postponing the price increase for notaries due to the protest.

Customers did not talk much, appearing in long lines on the day the first news was published, including in Fundemanta’s offices. If you really only have 1-2 days to go, then you might want to get in now.

The question now is, how long will existing customers receive a 30 percent refund after they make a payment.

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